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HK Yoga is a family oriented mobile yoga team.  We are a collective of teachers and practitioners who share a common goal of sharing the practice of yoga, expanding consciousness and increasing peace throughout our community.  We currently offer a number of free and donation-based public classes in the Seguin area (please see Public Classes below) as well as private, corporate and small group classes.   Our classes are designed to accommodate beginner through intermediate abilities.  We are all students all striving to learn more.  Teachers dedicate their energy to learning and sharing the art and science of yoga, but they learn what matters most from those they teach.  We want every person to feel honored and safe.  There are no experts or gurus, nor clumsy amateurs.  Everyone is a student with varying degrees of expertise and unfamiliarity.  There’s no greater beginning to a journey than one that begins with fully embracing where we are right now.  HK Yoga operates from a place of inclusion.  No matter what skill level, body type, or socio-economic factor may apply… we aim to celebrate the beauty in each of us.  We hope to foster inspiration over intimidation.  If you don’t know or can’t hold the pose, please skip all the self-judgment and know you are in the right place.  We ask the skilled yogis to encourage the novices and want the novices to feel comfortable around those with experience.  Our ultimate goal is to make our community more peaceful and we make huge leaps when we encourage, include, uplift and enlighten each other.   We share this practice to expand joy, improve health, strengthen community, increase peace and recover from whatever the world has given us.  We practice yoga but our goals are all centered in the art of human kindness.  We look forward to learning with you! 

Contact if you are interested in private instruction.


Thursdays (excluding 5th Thursday) at 6:00 PM 

Yoga at the Library

FREE to the public

Location: Seguin Public Library

313 Nolte St.

Fridays at 12:30PM (during fall & spring classes)

Bulldog Yoga

FREE to TLU students and staff

Location: Texas Lutheran University

Jones Complex


Our Teachers

Kara Finlayson
Operations Manager
Elise Seidel
Senior Instructor
Laura Mabry

Kara originally hails from Houston, TX, but has called San Marcos (and more recently, Zorn) home since graduating from Texas State University in 2012 with a degree in Recreation Administration with a Therapeutic Recreation Certification. 

Kara worked as a Recreation Therapist at Bastrop ISD for three years, coaching Special Olympics and using movement and the theory of neuroplasticity (the brains ability to change and adapt) to help her students ages 3-21 learn and grow in the classroom and advance their functional skills. 

Kara then entered a new phase of learning and teaching with the birth of her little boy in May of 2016. Drawn to the yet unknown, enticing world of yoga, she enrolled in Camp Utopia's teacher training 4 weeks later and graduated in October, carried by the support of her loving husband, Trent. She was recently also awarded her 300 hour certification. 

Kara's teaching is based on providing an experience of unifying mind, body, and spirit, using specific poses and sequences designed for the students in front of her and their current needs. She believes in teaching students how to rise up when life becomes difficult, and let go of judgement that makes our world seem smaller and darker. Her classes are for humans (not just yogis) so students practice tools for living life more abundantly and pain free through connecting to their bodies (the muscles, bones, joints, and organs) and finding ease in the mind. Through this connection, humans organically find peace in the mind and are able to access their inner power, bringing healing to their lives. 

Kara empowers her students to find what works for their unique physiology.

Elise Seidel is originally from San Antonio, but currently lives in the wonderful community of San Marcos, TX. She graduated from Camp Utopia in 2012, under the direction of Helen Stutchbury, and has been teaching ever since.  She has experience teaching in corporate/office settings, for wedding days and bachelorettes, private instruction, in studio, and in the gym. She has taught chair yoga, power yoga, yoga for seniors, restorative yoga, and specializes in Vinyasa yoga and Hatha flow classes. She will be continuing her education with Helen, and Camp Utopias 300hr program, as well as begin a specialty training in Restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, this Summer. 
Elise's classes offer variations for all levels of yoga students. She uses alignment based cues to safely and smoothly guide one through the postures. Her intention as a teacher is to help people heal, or just feel better within themselves. She brings more awareness to the body, in order to quite the mind, and bring peace to the heart and soul of each individual. "Each person is on their own path, and has their own pace on that path. My only wish is to bring more awareness, and a higher consciousness with each step of the journey."

Laura is a transplant to Central Texas who grew up in Tucson, AZ, where she first found yoga at the age of eighteen. Yoga helped her deal with feelings of anxiety and depression. It made her feel good emotionally and physically, and she has been practicing ever since. For her, yoga is a tool to connect with the Higher Self. As a teacher, she hopes to share this feeling of transcendence.

Currently, she is geeking out on alignment and anatomy. If you want to join in on the fun, come to a class and you can explore the world of yoga together. Her classes will be fun, flowing, and with luck, you will all expand your minds, bodies, and souls.

Outside of the studio, you can find her with her hands in the dirt growing delicious food, reading a good book, walking her Blue Heeler puppy, or working on her meditation practice.

As the Buddha says, "Life is fleeting like the sea bubbles on the froth of a wave." ... so take a break from the chaos of everyday life, pause, and value the present moment.

Rachael Calk

Rachael is a free spirit with a newfound love and passion for helping others. Her teaching style is built on the idea that we can all benefit mentally and physically from yoga. 
Rachael found this love for yoga through her own self healing during some difficult times. Now she wants to help others see the beautiful light that we all have within each and every one of us. Her ultimate goal is to make a life out of helping others see how much yoga and meditation is a truly amazing self healing experience. 
Rachael is originally from the North East Texas area but currently resides in Seguin TX with her husband Leroy and two dogs Maggie and Bambi.

Kristen Murphy

Kristen teaches a creative, powerful-yet-gentle Vinyasa yoga flow that is suitable for all ages, body types and backgrounds.
She has a radiating love for life and shares a loving bond with all animals. She's been teaching Vinyasa Yoga, SUP Yoga, Chair Yoga and Yoga for the Deaf for over three years. She is an “outdoorista” - as in she loves camping, kayaking, surfing, SCUBA diving, hiking, snowboarding, traveling and exploring what nature and other cultures have to offer. She is passionate about sharing the gifts of nature, and often takes her yoga students outside to re-center in the great outdoors.

Kristen comes from extensive injury and rehabilitation, having had over 6 surgeries since 2011.    Through her own rehabilitation and practice she has become knowledgeable in human anatomy, energy work and the overall healing process of the human mind, body and spirit. Since then, she has continued to explore different avenues of healing,  and became a yoga and wellness instructor at the age of 20. She continues to follow her dreams by hosting yoga retreats and workshops, and continues to serve her diverse communities by creating classes, activities and workshops for yogis of all body types and back grounds  in the San Marcos, Austin and Denver areas.
Her goal is to create new avenues of healing the self for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to be able to experience yoga in a comfortable, creative and fun fashion that builds a diverse and strong community.

Kristen is a recent graduate of Texas State University with a BA in Psychology, and she is fluent in American Sign Language. Kristen currently lives and gardens in San Marcos, Texas with her wonderful husband, two silly Labrador retrievers and three cats.

Shane and April Carter 

Shane & April are the co-founders of HK Yoga.  April specializes in children's yoga and has a passion to work with children,  She is a former elementary school P.E. coach is currently working at Navarro Elementary in a Special Education program.  She’s a Kerrville Texas native who grew up in and around the folk music culture and has an accordingly strong love for music.  She graduated from Southwest Texas State with a degree in Kinesiology and she enjoys swimming, running and cycling.  April’s passions tend to revolve around teaching, uplifting, and nurturing children.  In the studio, April’s strongest desire is for people to feel safe, connected, healthy and significant because she believes the benefits gained in a safe practice are pivotal in strengthening marriages and families, and foundational in aligning our thoughts and actions with our highest aims.  Shane is a retired military officer and small business owner.  He discovered yoga while looking for recovery and relief from physical injuries, but found that yoga had far more value in terms of stress-management and coping with traumatic events. 

- Shane’s passion for sharing yoga grew as he uncovered the deeper benefits of yoga that are potently therapeutic for matters of heart and spirit.  He loves to share yoga with all walks of life, but dedicates some of his practice specifically to men's group yoga.  We live in a hectic world and pain happens. We humans have relationships, responsibilities, injuries and a long list of other vulnerabilities that inspire fear, worry, and anger.  No matter how broken we feel we’ve become or how dark life has been, Shane believes there is a beautiful path to a healthy body, mind and spirit through yoga. 


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