• ARRIVAL - Please arrive early.  Classes flow better without the interruptions of late-comers and you’ll get more out of your practice with a little “prep time.”

  • QUIET ZONE - Please view the class space as a refuge from the noise and hurry we face every day.  We come together in this quiet place to connect more deeply with our mindful nature.  Please keep cell phones silent and conversations soft to help us maintain our peaceful sanctuary. 

  • YOUR YOGA – You are here for you and no one else.  The practice of yoga is for your health, your body, and your specific needs.  If you have any limitation or injury, please find a quiet moment before class to let the teacher know.  Our teachers want to make sure you are getting the most out of your personal practice.  If you didn’t understand something or if a pose didn’t feel right for you, please talk to the teacher after class.