The Mindful Living Advocacy (MLa) is acommunity-based initiative dedicated to providing resources and training that inspire equanimity, health, compassion, and creativity in order to measurably improve the quality of daily life for everyone.

The MLa is the personal project of Shane Carter and Will Masters (a.k.a. Bill Bender), who are the owner/operators of HK Yoga.   Shane and Will both traveled very different paths to arrive at the MLa, but they have both arrived at a time when our community could benefit the most.  Modern life is filled with a complex web of stressors which only seem to be compounding as time goes on.  Aside from issues that arise in our personal lives, our political, economic and ecological environments can sometimes seem daunting, or even overwhelming to some.  While our goal is to share mindful living practices with everyone humanly possible, the MLa is focused on those in crisis, recovery, or facing extenuating circumstances as well as youth and the aging.  Our mission is to share the basic skills of equanimity and awareness - which begins with a breath, and thrives in kindness. 

Our goal is to capitalize on everything researchers have discovered about neuroplacticity - how human thinking can systematically be reprogrammed for health - about the biology of thought - the effects of meditation practices on heart rate variability and brain waves, to generate coherence and total health.  Our process of Equanimity Skills Development is an approach that involves education, training, personal practice development, and diagnostic measurement.  Developing equanimity skills results in better health, physically and mentally.  Compassion grows, joy increases, and deeper connection is possible.  

"It was suffering that brought us here."  Both Will and Shane have had the common experience of rock-bottom living.  They have both experienced abuse in childhood, lost wealth and health, been severely injured to the point of paralyzation, struggled with memories of combat, buried children and felt the anguish of alcoholism, among many other things common across our world today.  Through their journey of transformation they discovered various tools and techniques that ultimately result in a greater sense of inner peace.

We are interested in working with individuals and groups and are especially hopeful we can share these tools with veterans, first responders, teachers, medical professionals, incarcerated/paroled individuals, athletes, clergy and youth.  Please email us at if you would like to know more.  Namaste.

Shane Carter & Will Masters


Shane spent a combined 21 years in the US Air Force and Texas Air Guard as a Korean Linguist, Foreign Area Officer and Navigator/Electronic Warfare Officer.  During his time as a military officer, he was an instructor at the US Air Force Weapons School, and flew over 60 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as multiple Joint Counterdrug Taskforce missions near the Texas-Mexico border.  

After retiring from the Air Force in 2012, Shane was the COO of a software company that serviced DoD military training contracts around the globe.  After leaving the defense industry, he opened a vacation rental business on the Guadalupe River, just outside of Seguin.  In 2016 he and his wife, April, opened HK Yoga on Austin Street. One year later, they realized they weren’t reaching the broader spectrum of our community, so they partnered with the Seguin Public Library, the Friends of the Library and Texas Lutheran University to provide no-cost classes to the public.  In two years, HK offered classes at public libraries, primary/secondary and university campuses, and private organizations and shared meditation and yoga practices with over 600 adults and over 300 youth in Seguin and surrounding areas. 

As a hobbyist singer/song-writer and actor, you might find him playing an occasional acoustic set at a downtown eatery, or performing a role in a local production on the stage of one of the true gems of Seguin - the Texas Theatre.   He is also a dedicated husband and father to a blended family of six.

Shane is a life member of the DAV, Chapter 61, Seguin TX, a life member of the VFW Post 8456, Geronimo, TX, and meber of the Seguin Art League and Conservation Society.  He believes God is the in-dwelling spirit of everything – in all matter and all beings – and that to unlock the divine within the world creates room for the great joy and comfort of an all-loving and all-accepting Creator.  As a manner of practice, Shane follows Christ’s teachings and incorporates any teaching that advocates compassion and acceptance, which sets the stage for our greatest collective endeavor – PEACE IN OUR TIME – and to live in a community as harmonious, prosperous, equanimous, safe, creative, and kind… as we can inspire.

Will has a background in psychology and business, having worked 12 years as a Mental Health Specialist and 20 years as a REALTOR. With a Masters of Ed. in Guidance & Counseling, he served as Director of the San Marcos Center of Well Being and co-founder of Masterful Mission Business Coaching in Austin, Texas. As Owner/Broker of Bender Realty, LLC in Seguin, Will specializes in waterfront and ranch properties. Will enjoys gardening, paddleboard yoga, and hiking. Will serves with Team River Runner to take wounded warriors from the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio white water kayaking.

His love of God and nature is also expressed through his participation in Illuman, a global not-for-profit organization committed to supporting men who are seeking to deepen their spiritual lives.

Will is a member of the Rotary Club of Seguin and a patron of the Seguin Art League. He benefits greatly from his adventures as both student and cofacilitator of Julia Cameron’s Artist Way. Will recently published “Heart Spirit – Journey to Ascension Book I”. He’s a Certified Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. Will creates graphic art as a nature photographer. Several of his
canvas prints are on display at the Heart Spirit Yoga Studio in Seguin where he teaches yoga and meditation techniques.


With over 30 years of meditation experience, Will’s practice includes the teaching of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and the techniques of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka.


Will is a student of the HeartMath Institute. HMI has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools since 1991 helping people reduce and avoid stress while experiencing increased peace, satisfaction and enjoyment. Research at the HeartMath Institute shows that, adding heart coherence to our daily activities and connections produce noticeable benefits to our own and
others’ well-being.