Grow With Us

1 on 1 Private Instruction

For individuals desiring hands on support to restore or maintain health through yoga

Private sessions with our instructors will give you an opportunity to have a customized yoga experience in the comfort of your home or setting of your choice. Whether you are searching for a style of yoga that best suits your athletic talents or need a nourishing, rejuvenating session in restorative poses with essential oils, you are sure to receive the care you need.

Our private sessions include a holistic assessment of your physical, emotional and mental strengths and areas of need. Working with this information, your instructor will help you design a plan to weave yoga into your life, empowering you to upgrade your level of well-being. 


Small Group Instruction

For groups of up to 5 students working toward a shared goal or wanting to experience yoga with instructor and peer support

This private group setting is perfect for families who want more quality time together, girlfriends looking to bring some health and wellness into their hang outs, colleagues working on creative projects together, or yogis wanting to join forces to raise human consciousness. 
Similar to the 1 on 1, you and your group choose the direction of your practice together. We have tools and methods to help you improve communication and relationships, build muscle, increase energy, master your emotions, or simply enjoy a peaceful hour in a supportive environment.

Corporate/Pop Up Classes

For groups of 6 to 50 people

Our large group classes are an excellent way to increase visibility for your business or organization while contributing to the health of your customers.

Invest in your employees by booking one of our instructors for weekly classes at your organization, or set up a one time class to give everyone a boost of brain power and lower stress levels before beginning an important project.

We have an instructor for every occasion: gather focus for sports competitions, calm and coordinate your wedding party, build community at volunteer events...the sky is the limit! 
We bring mats, props, and supply a skilled instructor to give your community a refreshing experience together!



Private Individual and Small Group Instruction

(1-5 clients)

$100 for the first session (This will be a longer session allowing time for individual holistic assessment or basic group assessments). 

$75       Single Session (after completing the first session)
$210     3 Session Bundle
$325     5 Session Bundle
$700   12 Session Bundle


Corporate/Organization/Large Group Classes

(unlimited class size)

$100     Single Large Group Session
$350     1 month/4 Class Bundle
$900     3 month/12 Class Bundle
$1,650  6 month/24 Class Bundle