The Mayfly Foundation is our non-profit organization for freelance outreach. Any yoga teacher who sees a need and opportunity to impact their community can apply to have the cost of their project covered, so they can offer their service for free.

Our focus is to weave yoga and healing practices into the culture, especially for those dealing with trauma, disabilities, or economic disadvantage. Projects have more sustainability when the teacher has a personal connection to those receiving the care. Communities are much more likely to adopt a practice if it has been brought in by a person they know, like, and trust. As yoga teachers, we all have a heart for service. Many of us become discouraged from our calling when we have to consider the money side of our mission. This program puts the solid foundation beneath the love and compassion we have to offer, so we are standing on firm ground as we lead these healing activities. 
You can
 donate to the Mayfly Foundation and know you are directly impacting one of your neighbors. A contribution of $75 fully funds a service project, but any contribution is Greatly appreciated  and makes a big difference.

Current Projects

Terry's Dayhab

A year ago, Christina Trevino, (caregiver at Terry's Dayhab) reached out to us looking for a yoga teacher who could come in to teach 20 adults with disabilities. She assured us we were about to make some awesome friends. She could not have been more accurate! 
The people at Terry's Dayhab are some of the most grateful and encouraging students we've ever taught. They cheer as their friend who struggles with balance is able to move from his seated position, through table top, to standing. There's no rush as everyone supports his ascent. 
The angels who work here are impressive as well. Christina talked with us this week about the struggles of providing age appropriate care to such a wide variety of ability levels. They are currently working on multiple fundraisers to be able to buy a 15 passenger van for community outings. Looking at the faces in this image, you can see why we love working with these folks! 


Seguin High School Mental Health Week

Last year we were contacted by Tori Beutnagel, who had been one of our students at the HK Yoga studio and is now an Assistant Principal at SHS. She asked if we would be willing to teach yoga for Mental Health Week, and of course we said yes! We set up the mats and found out it was up to us to go solicit our students from the cafeteria. Shane was skeptical as to the effectiveness of this plan, until Kristen and I started waving our arms wildly shouting "YOGAAAA IN THE COURTYAAAARD! FIVE MINUTES!" Shockingly we did have about 20 students each lunch period take us up on the offer. These students were quite brave, putting themselves in the center of the courtyard in a practice that few of them had ever tried before. You can imagine the comments from onlookers, but our participants began to settle into themselves as we guided them into their meditative movements. Each of their faces looked peaceful and serene at the end of the 20 minutes. We felt so honored to lead these young adults in the real life practice of thinking and acting to foster peace despite the surrounding chaos. This lesson is much needed in our world today.

After the courtyard experience, we were invited to teach yoga to the students with disabilities. We used metaphors of pushing gas pedals and driving cars to teach flexing and pointing the toes and oblique activation. Laughter and sounds of deep breathing filled the air. It was beautiful to watch the students faces shine with bright smiles, and the teachers and cheerleaders who were assisting were moved by this joy as well. 


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